Animation for Russian Conversation

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Author(s): Jason Merrill, Julia Mikhailova and Maria Alley
ISBN-13: 978-1-58510-310-2
Format: Paperback
pp: 176


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Animation for Russian Conversation draws on the best known Russian works of animation --Cheburashka, Karlson, the Hedgehog, and Vinni Pukh -- all classics of the Russian cinema. Intended for Russian students of the Novice High to Intermediate Mid levels according to ACTFL guidelines, this book will be interest to anyone learning Russian through authentic, but accessible Russian materials. Exercises cover vocabulary and grammar, with advanced exercises to challenge students further. Nominated for the 2010 AATSEEL book prize for Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy.


Instructors can select assignments based on the level of their group and their course goals. Some grammar exercises might best be used in conjunction with a regular textbook, depending on the level of the class. The Table of Contents includes a listing of grammar and lexical topics covered in each section. The animations in the text are generally widely available, but must be purchased separately from this book.


Drawing on numerous classics of Russian animation, this text is designed for a wide range of learners from advanced novice to intermediate to provide interesting authentic cultural materials in the study of the language. Each lesson is based on a well known and available animation and provides exercises in Russian language skills and a springboard to the discussion of Russian culture.

About the Authors

Jason Merrill is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. He has taught all levels of Russian language and courses on Russian literature, culture, and cinema. He also teaches an introduction to the literature and cinema of Eastern Europe. He has published articles in the journals Russkaia literatura [ St. Petersburg], Slavic and East European Journal, and Elementa.

Julia Mikhailova is a Russian language specialist in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto. Prof. Mikhailova is from Siberia. She received her BA from Krasnoiarsk State Pedagogical University. She then moved to the United States, where she earned an MA in linguistics from Syracuse University in 1999 and a PhD in Slavic linguistics from the Ohio State University in 2005. Prior to her move to Toronto, she served on the faculty of Emory University in Atlanta. In addition, she teaches Russian in the Intensive Summer Program at Middlebury College. Her research interests include methods of teaching Slavic languages, acquisition of Russian, language assessment tools, Russian humour, Slavic formal syntax, and history of the Russian language.

Maria Alley is the Assistant Director of Language Programs and Lecturer in the Dept. of Slavic and Eastern European Studies, Ohio State University. Courses taught: Russian language and Russian Culture. Awards and qualifications: GTA Teaching Award (2002), OPI certification in Russian. Academic interests: Slavic Linguistics (Aspect, Accentology, Gender Issues), Bilingualism and First Language Loss and Second Language Acquisition.


"...The book is very creative and fills a substantial void in our profession. The manuscript ... constitutes creative and important work. It has many pedagogical features that represent the latest thinking on foreign language teaching..." — Benjamin Rifkin, Temple University

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