Lingua Latina: Pars I: Grammatica Latina

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Author(s): Hans H. Orberg
ISBN-13: 978-1-58510-223-5
Format: Paperback
pp: 32


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Note: This text is included in the title, Lingua Latina: A College Companion. If you have purchased that text, you do not need to purchase this separately, as it is included in the back of the book.


A Latin morphology.

Includes tables of paradigms and forms corresponding to the course material for use with Ørberg's Lingua Latina: Familia Romana.

This is one of five books in “Set I” Familia Romana.


Anyone reading “Familia Romana” from the Lingua Latina series.

About the Author

Hans Henning Ørberg (1920-2010) MA in English. French and Latin at the University of Copenhagen. 1946-52 and 1961-63 teacher at various Danish High Schools. 1953-1961 on the staff of The Nature Method Institute, Copenhagen. 1963-1988 teacher at Grenaa Gymnasium. Author of the Latin course Lingua Latina secundum naturae rationem explicata, first published 1955-56. New revised edition published 1990-91 under the title Lingua Latina per se illustrata, with a number of supplements. After his retirement he ran a publishing house called Domus Latina, which is now run by his children.


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